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Invar is a place of opportunities. At Invar, you constantly grow professionally: you read a lot, you get in touch with market experts and tackle complex issues. Here, you can implement your ideas into life without a long series of approvals. In our team, you feel the respect and support of the colleagues.

Working in the company, you take care of people’s health and give them access to innovative European products. There is only one limitation to your creativity: the customer must be happy with the results of our work.

Today, Invar employs over 150 people. Half of our team are experts with many years' experience and deep expertise, including areas like management and business administration. Another 50% are representatives of the modern “Gen Ys”: agile, open to new things and with a grip on cutting-edge technologies. Such a professional mix of experience and youth allows Invar to be a dynamic and efficient national pharmaceutical company. It is the people who make up the main competitive advantage of Invar, and comfortable working conditions are created for them. This applies to the social package, communication within the team and the corporate culture.

Invar conducts an annual survey “Me and My Company”.  In 2015, the survey showed that 78% employees were stably involved in the operation and development of the company. As Invar employees highlighted, they were motivated by the goal to make people healthy, by clear and interesting work tasks, availability of resources required to solve these tasks, as well as constructive relationship with their supervisor, and work in a team of professionals.

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