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From the moment of the company’s foundation our team has focused on how to provide women with innovative products for their health.

We are proud of this work, because women’s health determines the health of the generation and the future of the society.

The ability to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby largely depends on the condition of the female reproductive system. Vaginal infections and disorders in the normal vaginal flora have a negative impact on women's health, that is why it is so important to pay attention to the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Invar offers a line of products for treatment, recovery and care. The gynecological portfolio comprises product line for intimate health Epigen Intim. The products are manufactured in Europe and successfully applied in gynecological practice of European countries and Russia.

care # Epigen Intim Your intimate habit
# Epigen Intim Your intimate habit
  • Activated glycyrrhizic acid extracted from the licorice root is the basis of this product line.
  • Therapeutic and preventive spray produces antiviral action and facilitates healing process*
  • Daily intimate hygiene gel maintains natural pH balance of the intimate zone giving a pleasant sensation of freshness
  • Wet wipes are intended for intimate care in any situation, they gently clean tissues of the intimate zone
  • Intimate zone moisturizing set produces moisturizing action, prevents dryness and appearance of microfissures
* A.V.Shurshalina “Lokal'noe dejstvie Jepigen Intim sprej (glicirrizinovaja kislota) pri virusnyh infekcijah polovyh organov”, Akusherstvo i ginekologija №3, 2009
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