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It is important for Invar to make the consumer happy. Imagine the situation. You walk out of your home to pop in a pharmacy which is a one minute walk away.  You pick up your skin care product from its usual shelf and hand it over to the smiling pharmacist. She tells you the price and after packing the product, gratefully hands it back to you with wishes of health and beauty.  At home, you put the gel on a shelf in your bathroom after removing the empty bottle. You have been buying this gel for many years now, because the result of its use has always satisfied you from the very first day when you tried this product.

This is an ideal picture, when the consumer can buy a product for health and beauty at the most convenient place and time. Invar performs a great job to make sure it always happens this way. And dozens of partners are out there to help us with this.

Invar builds its product portfolio on the basis of long-term agreements. Partners of the company are leading European developers and manufacturers of medicinal products: Chemigroup France SA, Hartington Pharmaceutical S.L., Maxima Healthcare Ltd., Medinova AG, Serrix B.V.
Invar adheres to the principle of work efficiency. A 3PL pharma logistic operator helps the company to manage its flow of goods. It provides a range of logistics services, from custody and maintenance of pharmaceutical documents to customs clearance, transport and cargo insurance.
Invar cooperates with major national distributors. They help the company with logistics operations, ensure the continuity of the flow of goods and their optimal distribution to warehouses throughout the Russian Federation. Thanks to that, our products are available on shelves of pharmacies in all districts of the country.
Invar products are sold in thousands of pharmacies run by dozens of our partner chains. Our task is to provide them with a high level of service and help in their work with consumers. We ensure the demand: help people learn about our solutions for health through the mass media, large-scale promotional campaigns, and track visibility of products in pharmacies. We provide experts with most detailed information about our products, including large-scale independent studies and analysis of the pharmaceutical market. We ensure availability of the products: monitor prices, control stock levels in pharmacies and warehouses, control the supply and demand balance. At all stages we adhere to the principle of mutual benefit - Win-Win.
Our consumers are thousands of people who take regular care of their health to feel confident every day, and who appreciate products of European quality.
Dozens of other partners also help us in our work: courier services deliver correspondence, security agencies ensure safety of our employees, creative agencies help to make products visible, consultants offer the best experts to strengthen our team and advanced technological solutions to automate our processes.
If you would like to become a partner of Invar, please submit your proposal through the application form:
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