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Moscow, 21-23 May 2015

At Early Pregnancy Congress, Invar presented its products to support women’s health

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia conducted V Congress on “Early pregnancy – from pregravidary preparation to healthy gestation. Problems of assisted reproductive technologies.” The event was attended by around 1000 representatives from 60 regions of Russia and five countries of the near abroad. Many of them visited Invar’s information booth where they could get more information about the company’s products that help to take care of women’s health.

Early pregnancy medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of scientific and practical knowledge. According to estimates of the organizers of the Congress, a healthy pregnancy becomes an increasingly rare phenomenon, and the incidence of birth defects in children since the beginning of the 21st century has risen by 75.5%. What can be done today to ensure the smooth course of the "golden weeks” of gestation, and how to ensure health of the woman - this was discussed by participants of the Congress in plenary and breakout sessions, workshops and during discussions.

The ability to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby largely depends on the condition of the female reproductive system. Vaginal infections and disorders in the normal vaginal flora have a negative impact on women's health, that is why it is so important to pay attention to the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.



Invar is a national pharmaceutical company with expertise in selecting, marketing and selling products for care and treatment. The company offers solutions in "Women's Health" and " Self-Medication ". Invar portfolio comprises 4 European quality brands. These include a line of nonhormonal products to treat common skin disorders Skin-cap, a serum for fighting nail fungus Mycosan, a new molecule for treatment of herpes simplex labialis Erazaban, and a line for intimate hygiene Epigen Intim.

At year-end 2014, Invar ranked among TOP-50 pharmaceutical companies by its sales. The company outpaced the market by 33%, with its evolution index (i.e., change in share of market volume) being one of the highest in the rating. Over the past four years, the company's sales have increased from 700 million rubles up to 3 billion rubles.

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