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Invar identifies employees' competencies that will help the company become a market leader

National pharmaceutical company Invar developed its own model of competencies. It describes the conduct of employees that will help the company become No. 1 in the OTC market in niches where the company's products are present.

According to the model of competencies, employees should be result-oriented and efficient, ready for change, innovations, and continuous improvement, and able to build effective communications and team work. Managers on top of that should be able to think strategically and act as leaders, able to inspire their colleagues.

Managers at Invar assess their employees in accordance with this model of competencies, as well as personal performance indicators, on an annual basis. Those who get high scores are eligible for a bonus of 10-20% to their monthly salary.  As a follow up to this annual assessment employees draw a personal development plan for the next year. In addition to training programs, it includes a list of books to read: all employees have free access to the e-library of a leading publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber". The publishing house has issued a guide with a selection of books to develop the right competencies, tailored to Invar's specific needs.

“For all employees annual assessment is first of all an opportunity to see where they are right now in terms of professional development, analyse their achievements and areas of growth. We use the same model of competencies when recruiting and assessing candidates,” says HR-Director Elena Lesnykh. “The system is based on corporate values and reflects the corporate culture. It is vital to have like-minded team players who share our work methods and our willingness to make as many people healthy as possible.”


Invar is a national pharmaceutical company with expertise in selecting, marketing and selling products for care and treatment. The company offers solutions in "Women's Health" and " Self-Medication ". Invar portfolio comprises 4 European quality brands. These include a line of nonhormonal products to treat common skin disorders Skin-cap, a serum for fighting nail fungus Mycosan, a new molecule for treatment of herpes simplex labialis Erazaban, and a line for intimate hygiene Epigen Intim.

At year-end 2014, Invar ranked among TOP-50 pharmaceutical companies by its sales. The company outpaced the market by 33%, with its evolution index (i.e., change in share of market volume) being one of the highest in the rating. Over the past four years, the company's sales have increased from 700 million rubles up to 3 billion rubles.

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