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Moscow, 16.03.2015

Invar enters TOP-50 national pharma companies in Russia

National pharmaceutical company Invar strikes the balance. In 2014, the company ranked up 12 points in the rating of pharmaceutical companies in Russia by DSM Group*, and took 47th place with the sales volume of 2.7 bln rubles. In general, the company over-fulfilled the plan by 2.8% in 2014 (74.4 million rub). Invar's share in the pharmaceutical market amounted to 0.83%. The company grew faster than the market by 33%, and its evolution index (i.e., change in share of market volume) turned out to be one of the highest in the rating.

“Q4 2014 was a hard one. We recorded the lowest sales indicator in November. The plan was then underfulfilled by 24% in monetary terms. The main reason for that was the entry of the country into an active phase of the crisis and decline in purchasing power. Product embargoes, sanctions, decline in oil prices caused a rise in the cost of bank loans, ruble devaluation, increased unemployment, and as a consequence - decline in purchasing power of our customers,” says  General Director of Invar Alina Zolotareva, “and a big luck, which in fact was a strategic planning, gave us the opportunity to prepare ourselves for work in the pharmacy retail market which was new to us. We have a clear strategy, flexible management structure, and a strong team. The only thing which is missing now is the possibility to go on with the same pace. Our pace today is willingness for continuous improvement, in order to be able to help as many people as possible stay healthy.”

The Self-Medication cluster accounted for the largest share in the total sell-in - 67%. Mycosan brand occupied the leading positions in this cluster, the product's share in the total company sales is 27%. Mycosan became a new product in the rating of cosmetics sold through pharmacies. According to DSM Group estimates, it immediately showed the highest sales growth (+ 142%).

At year-end 2014 six company products took up positions among TOP-5 in competitive markets:


Invar is a national pharmaceutical company with expertise in selecting, marketing and selling products for care and treatment. The company offers solutions in "Women's Health" and " Self-Medication ". Invar portfolio comprises 4 European quality brands. These include a line of nonhormonal products to treat common skin disorders Skin-cap, a serum for fighting nail fungus Mycosan, a new molecule for treatment of herpes simplex labialis Erazaban, and a line for intimate hygiene Epigen Intim.

At year-end 2014, Invar ranked among TOP-50 pharmaceutical companies by its sales. The company outpaced the market by 33%, with its evolution index (i.e., change in share of market volume) being one of the highest in the rating. Over the past four years, the company's sales have increased from 700 million rubles up to 3 billion rubles.

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