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Invar structure reflects our attitude to the clients, relations within the team and the way we make decisions. We work in such a way that we can always hear the needs of our partners and product consumers, be flexible, act quickly and efficiently.

The company consists of business units that directly interact with customers, and business partners that assist them in doing this.

The company has 150 employees with a background in medicine and business and relevant experience. The company's head office is located in Moscow.

Commercial Division The commercial division consists of four departments which are responsible for the delivery on the territory of Russia and distribution of products to pharmacies in such a way that the drugs are constantly available to consumers. Supply Chain Experts of the department work with the leading national distributors. They help Invar with planning and implementation of logistics operations and distribution of goods in the territory of Russia. Including those cities, where there are no representatives of the company. Thus, people in different parts of Russia, from the Pskov region to the Far East, can benefit from the company's products exactly at the time when they need them. Sales Division The sales division knows perfectly well the advantages of the company products, is engaged in their promotion, so that as many people as possible can learn about the opportunities to improve their health. The division includes pharmacy representatives, supervisors and merchandisers who work in 13 cities of the Russian Federation.
Development Division A list of health issues that people would like to solve is constantly expanding. Medical science is also keeping up with this: every year new drugs appear that can help people to be healthy. Marketing The objective of the marketing department is to provide people with access to the best solutions for health. Invar concludes exclusive contracts with companies that produce innovative products of European quality, and develops progressive marketing concepts of their launch. Business Development Invar concludes exclusive contracts with companies that produce innovative products of European quality, and develops progressive marketing concepts of their launch.
Supply Chain Management department Supply Chain Management department Human Resources The company hires people who are genuinely interested in their work and share the values and the culture of high performance at Invar. The company creates conditions for long-term cooperation with experts, able to listen to partners and make as many people healthy as possible. Finance&Accounting Invar financial policy is aimed at efficient leverage of the company resources to achieve the company's strategic goal - to make as many people healthy as possible. To ensure control and continuous process improvement, we stick to the current global standards and conduct an annual independent audit assessment. Medical and Regulatory Affairs The quality of each product that Invar markets is confirmed by relevant registration documents of the Russian Federation. In addition, the M&R department constantly analyzes the quality of products, performing clinical, surveillance, pharmacoeconomic and other studies, as well as pharmacovigilance, including work with feedback from consumers. Legal Invar operates within the legal framework and follows compliance guidelines. Experts of the legal department help the company employees and partners to carry out their daily activities in accordance with these beliefs. Business Intelligence The business intelligence division develops the Business Intelligence system for data processing and information support of employees. Thanks to this system employees gain access to integrated reporting and can everyday take informed decisions based on high-quality analysis. Administrative Invar team likes order - in business, in documents and in the workplace. The administrative division takes care of the comfort of employees in the office, on a business trip and during negotiations. IT The speed and quality of customer interaction, formation of a common information space in the team and data protection are priority directions of work for the IT division of Invar. Technical innovations and process automation is what ensures a competitive advantage for the company today in the context of globalization and enhanced pace of market development.
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