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Invar mission: innovations for health

We find innovative solutions to make as many people healthy as possible.

Invar vision: developing leadership

We see Invar as a leader in the OTC market in niches where the company's products are present. We are confident that we will achieve the best results thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of our team, value-based approach to work and the Win-Win principle of cooperation with clients, partners, and consumers.

Invar values: leadership, proactiveness, focus on result and drive

We are proud of Invar’s mission, and common values unite our team on its way to the goal:


We are not afraid of being innovative and use the opportunities for a non-standard product promotion, so that more people can get access to healthcare products. We work in accordance with the Russian legislation and are guided by international standards and principles of business ethics.


We identify people’s needs and select original products based on deep analytical research. We are constantly refining our internal business processes and improving quality of our work.

Focus on result

We can clearly see the ultimate goal and achieve it efficiently leveraging the resources.


We have fun from our work, offer only those products in which we believe and love to always anticipate our customers' expectations. We know the purpose of our work: to give people the opportunity to be healthy.

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